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Welcome to Jason Petty's world! It's a land of song and storytelling. Jason started as an actor and has grown into a singer, songwriter, director and playwright. He has crossed the globe many times with his special brand of music, acting and storytelling. Jason's easygoing demeanor and friendly style has been charming audiences for over 2 decades. He also believes in the integrity of the music and of the story. His musicians are always top-notch and his delivery is always professional and dead-on. From his large production shows to his one-man intimate shows, Jason's got the perfect show for you! Where Jason goes he doesn't make fans...he makes friends.


"I treat the stage like my front porch, so let's all gather 'round and do some singing and storytelling and have a night of it!" -JP





"Petty manages to turn up the charisma factor in his own performance whenever he takes up his guitar and faces an audience from behind a microphone."

                                                                  -New York Times

" Petty galvanizes the show. His voice wails and rails a mixture of country and blues that electrifies the house!"

                                                                  -Associated Press

"Petty weaves a tale like a master storyteller in the same way Will Rogers used to, with humor and heart." 

                                                                  -The Florida Times-Union

"Jason Petty...has flat-out got the music nailed. Two hours of entertainment that will be a drive down memories highway for many and an education about the intertwining roots of country music for everyone."

                                                                  -Bristol Herald Courier



1617 17th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212
Charles Ray


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